M1 Finance Setup

M1 Finance Setup

This page will help you set up your M1 Finance account. By the way, you can use the table of contents to jump to a specific part of the page.

Setting up your Account

  1. First, click this link to register
  2. After you register, login to see this page:
  3. image

  4. Click "Continue" to get to this page:
  5. image

  6. Click "Continue" again to get to this page (yours might look different):
  7. image

  8. Pick three random ones (we will be changing them later) and press "Continue" again to get to this page:
  9. image

  10. Click "Continue" again (don't worry about the percentages, we will change those as well) to get to this page:
  11. image

  12. Keep clicking "Continue" until you get to the page below:
  13. image

  14. Enter your phone number, click "Continue" again, and then enter the code on this page:
  15. image

  16. Again, click "Continue" to get to this page:
  17. image

  18. Fill in your information, and then click "Continue" again:
  19. image

  20. Fill in your information once more and then again click "Continue" until you get to this page:
  21. image

  22. Keep filling your information until you get to this page where you will enter your social security number:
  23. image

  24. Then, fill out the check boxes on this page and then click "Continue"
  25. image

  26. Make sure that everything looks OK on the next page and then click "Confirm".
  27. Then, you'll get to this page:
  28. image

  29. Once here, you can connect your bank(s) to M1 Finance. Follow the steps for the option you chose above.
  30. Done!

How to transfer accounts

Click here to go to M1 Finances' step-by-step walkthrough on how to transfer another brokerage account into M1.

Closing your account

For this, read M1 Finances guide by clicking here.

More questions?

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