The Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic Millionaire


This guide is a compilation of dozens of research papers, hundreds of hours, and lots of long-form discussions to answer one question: What are the steps anyone can take to automatically become a millionaire? In 2018, about 12% of the U.S. population was classified as impoverished [1]. The goal of this guide is to make sure that the people—and everyone else—that has this guide will eventually become a millionaire. We'll break down how to get an average 10% return on your money per year, how to automatically invest your money, and more. Like in our other guides, every claim this guide makes is backed by research papers linked in [brackets] that you can refer to if you're interested.

Table of Contents:

Main Pages

1. How The Rich Got Rich
2. Debunking Finance Myths
3. New Age Budgeting
4. Calculating The Essentials
5. Automating Your Debt Away
6. Prepping For The Apocalypse
7. Setting Up For Success
8. Your Secret Sauce
9. Automatic Investing
10. Sticking With It
The Final Checklist

Extra pages

Key Terms
Storing Your Wealth
Getting more money
Best Credit Cards
More Investment Accounts
Passive Income
How Decisions Were Made
Personal Capital Info
M1 Finance Setup