Closing Thoughts
Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. — Leo Buscaglia

That's it, folks. By following this guide you will have an additional 400 potential mates—all within 24 weeks. And, one of those matches might become "the one" you tie the knot with!

A last piece of advice: Do not rely too heavily on your online presence. It can become a handicap rather than a useful tool.

Real relationships are made in person. Don't confuse online achievements with real results. Even if you have 5000 matches on your dating app of choice, none of that matters if you can't turn those numbers into real-life relationships.

This is a problem that some of the beta-tester ran into: They confused the number of matches they gained with their actual success. Do not let this happen to you. Numbers are meaningless without action.

Of course, celebrate each match you gain—you never know, one of them might be your last (because you get married, not die you freak).

Now for some house cleaning. These are just some general to-do's for anyone that needs help, has a comment, or missed an opportunity to get the cheat sheet for this guide.

To get the "cheat sheet" for this guide, click here
If you'd like to become a beta-tester, click here
If you have a comment or something to add, click here

If you need more help creating your online profile, be sure to check out any of the extra pages. They're filled with great, crowd-sourced information that you can use!

Additionally—once you have 400+ matches share a screenshot with us to add it to the upcoming results page.

And if by chance you become part of the 12% of individuals that get into a long-term relationship and/or married, let us know! We'd love to celebrate with you.

Pls invite me to your wedding.

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