3. Your Profile
3. Your Profile

3. Your Profile

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

Now that you have your chosen dating service(s) of choice, it's time for the important part: how you set it up so that people match with you.

We often interchange the words "likes" and "matches". They are the same thing—the number of people that show their online interest in you.

You can download all the dating apps in the world but unless your profile is built for success, you won't get any matches. Per definition, a profile that's built for success is one that attracts those that you are interested in and keeps your match count rising.


After combing through the interwebs, several databases, and the beta-testers results, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while creating your profile. Namely, how you choose your photos and how you write your biography:

Photos: 1. Don't wear glasses 2. Smile often, smile wide 3. Have at least three good photos 4. Don't use selfies
Biography: 1. Be clear about your intentions 2. Write less than a 100 words 3. Show, don't tell 4. Highlight your best attributes

Don't look down on these eight online dating tricks. Each one by itself might not do much, but together they can increase your number of matches by a huge margin!

Actionable profile pics

Now to break down each of these into more descriptive, actionable steps. Since dating apps and websites usually start by picking profile pictures, we'll start there.

Don't wear glasses or hats

This rule goes for anything that obstructs your face. People associate covered faces with distrust, so keep your face open to the camera [1].

Smile often, smile wide

Smile, but don't laugh [1, 2]. A regular smile is better than no smile, and a relaxed smile is better than a laughing one. And if you can, squinch.

Have at least three photos

Any less, and you'll get fewer likes [1, 2, 3]. The linked research papers found that changing the number of female profile photos from one to three produced a 37% increase in matches. Male profiles had an even greater gain!

Don't use selfies

A selfie—in case you live in a cave—is a photo that you take of yourself. Don't use them for your profile pictures. Several research papers have shown that they come off as narcissistic and unflattering (not good) [1, 2].

If you don't know where to start with your pictures, it helps to look at profiles that have done well. There are countless examples of people who have reached their online dating goals—12% of them end up in committed relationships [1]. Take what they've learned and apply it to your own profile. Here are a few examples:


More examples of good male dating profile pictures can be found here and here. Additional examples of good female dating profile pictures can be found here and there. If you need even more tips and tricks, check out the

page and then come back here.

Writing your bio

Now onto the fun part of writing your bio! A good biography increases someone's like count [research below], and the beta-testers proved that a few types of bio's work better than others. We've narrowed down what all good profiles do to four things:

Write less than a 100 words

Profiles that have less than 100 words usually get more likes [1, 2]. Any more than 100 words and you risk losing people's attention.

Additionally, limiting yourself to 100 words ensures that you're only adding what really matters to you.

Be clear about your intentions

Specifying exactly what you're looking for allows others to know to expect and could increase your like count [1].

If you're looking for a one night stand and not a relationship, be clear about that. If you are searching for a serious relationship, include that in your bio.

If you're looking for a certain type of person, write down the attributes you would like to see.

Highlight your best attributes

If you are an astronaut, let them know! If you like working with kids, include that. Intuitively, you know what people want to see in a mate—you are looking for these exact same attributes in someone else.

Highlight what makes you, you. What makes you stand out from the masses? Why should someone match with you instead of someone else?

Show, don't tell

If you have a dog, show that in your pictures instead of writing it out. If you like hiking, add a picture of your hike. If you like X, add a picture of you actually doing X.

Pictures are said to be worth 1000 words for a reason. If you don't have a picture of you doing X, only then should you write it down.

Now for some bio optimization. According to a recent study, here are the top 10 words that both women and men should include in their biography:


These 20 words were found in most of the most popular dating profiles on Badoo, a service that has millions of users [1].

As always, choose the 100 words or fewer in your bio wisely.

If you're a man that's not 6", don't say that you are. If you are a woman that doesn't enjoy beer, don't say that you do.

It is more important to be honest than to be found attractive [no research needed].

If you're really struggling, the beta-testers found this dating profile generator to work quite well. The only downside is that it generates a bio that is over the 100-word limit! Take the things that you like from it and discard the rest.

As a last piece of advice, have your friends look over your profile before publishing it for the whole world to see. Another pair of eyes—especially an honest pair—will be able to point out how you can improve your profile pictures and bio.

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