Getting More Matches

Getting More Matches

Yes, love can be found online. And more importantly, love can be found online for you. This guide is a complication of over 50 research papers to answer one question:

What steps can anyone take to increase the number of matches they get online?

Don't wait for love to find you. You can create your own love story by finding "the one" online. Let's get started.

Table of Contents

Main Pages

1. What to Expect
2. The Prep Stage
3. Your Profile
4. The Algorithm
5. Chatting Online
Closing Thoughts

Extra Pages

Picture Perfect
Pay Or Nah?
Medium Examples


Dozens of people have met their match online following this guide. Here are what they say:

★★★★★ I cannot express in words how amazing this guide is. It turned me from zero to hero in six months. — Johnathan Rivera
★★★★☆ The writing quality is getting better and better over time. This is one of the best guides yet! — Lewis Greene
★★★★★ Put everything in this guide to use yesterday and [I'm] already seeing better results than what I hoped for. — Jim
★★★★☆ I was never the kind of person to be on Tinder. This guide made me change my mind for the better. — Adriana
★★★★★ What a time to be alive! Thank you for the hard work. — Anonymous
★★★★★ Very well-written and useful guide. Definitely recommend it to everyone! — Anonymous
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