The Cheat Sheets

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure that it's worth watching.

This world is sort of like a game. And it just so happens that billions of people have played this game before you.

Some of the players ended the game really well—had lots of money, a great body, a loving family, etc—and decided to write down their winning strategies in books/guides to help others in the future.

The purpose of these guides is to take these winning strategies and condense them into digestible, actionable steps. You then read these guides to find out what worked and/or didn't work so that you can avoid your ancestors' mistakes.

Use these guides to the fullest extent that you can: They will direct you towards winning strategies every time so that when your time to leave the game comes... you'll be satisfied with the progress you made.

These cheat sheets are a summarization of ALL the information within each guide. They allow you to consume hundreds of research papers within minutes, and keep you up to date with the current guides. To join, click here.

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The Ideal Female Body
The Perfect Smile
Best Gifts To Give
Digitally Maintaining Relationships
Using Deodorant Right
The Automatic Millionaire