About Us

We write for our children. We write to learn from our mistakes. We write to understand. Founder of Optimized Guides

This world is sort of like a game. And it just so happens that billions of people have played this game before you.

Some of the players ended the game really well—had lots of money, a great body, a loving family, etc—and decided to write down their winning strategies in books/guides to help others in the future.

Our purpose is to take all these winning strategies and condense them into digestible, actionable guides. You then read these guides to find out what worked and/or didn't work so that you can avoid your ancestors' mistakes.

They will direct you towards winning strategies every time so that when your time to leave the game comes... you'll be satisfied with the progress you achieved.

Why is it free?

It is our firm belief that because the scientific papers on the guides site are available online for free, the condensed versions of hundreds of these public papers should be free as well.

How long does it take to write a guide?

It really depends on the guide. Sometimes guides take hundreds of hours like "The Ideal Male Body" did and others like the "Best Gifts To Give" just a few days.

How can I help?

If you'd like to support our work as well as get additional features like:

  1. Beta-testing the guides
  2. Seeing the unpublished guides before anyone else
  3. Getting to vote on future guides
  4. Being held responsible for your commitments to these guides
  5. And more

Then become a beta-tester by clicking here.

When are you going to make videos?

As soon as ten guides have been written, we will graduate to motion pictures. As it stands now, the writers don't have any skill in video production or editing, so if you are good at either, please consider shooting us an email.

Can I ask a question?

Ya. Just click the blue contact button at the bottom right.